About Us.

JETE'S INC. is in the business of entrepreneurship and alternative energy resources consulting. We believe that through the incorporation of the contents of our conceptual modeling’s we intend to bring together the companies we have targeted in the three industries we have identified with the advance understanding and the fundamental scientific principles to work in collaborative efforts to integrate their respective technologies to create the products needed to support the use of our recommended form of alternative energy resource that are to be applied in grid-connected and non- grid  applications in these industries. We will be asking the companies within these industries to form partnerships with each other in the manner that we suggest; in order to reach our project’s visualized outcome.


We believe that we can help solve the problem of the foreign oil energy dependence by reducing and eliminating the $700 billion dollar expenses that this nation has been subjected to. JETE’S INC’s., goals are clearly stated in our conceptual modeling’s to replace the foreign oil dependency with clean predictive reliable, consistent and a readily available sources of sustainable renewable energy.


We understand that many companies are in the alternative energy power producing business, but unlike JETE’S INC. these companies are not combining the alternative energy resource in the way that we can take full advantage of the day to day energy being wasted; energy that can potentionally increase this emerging alternative renewable energy market and reduce the use of oil by 35% to lower the cost of energy in this country.


The fundamental scientific principals to designing, developing, producing and manufacturing products and technology, that will support our innovated methods of harvesting and converting renewable energy into predictive, reliable, consistent and readily available sustainable levels of on demanded electricity that will be used in conjunction with industries one and two at megawatt generation levels to help transform both industries into the vessels that will have the potential to help create limitless source of clean sustainable, cost effective electrical energy.


We believe that through innovative scientific applied research this nation can validate the contents of these conceptual modeling’s as being achievable and feasible enough to recommend the full go ahead to create the products required to take the full advantage of our recommended alternative renewable energy resource; to realize our five year future projections for this project. These events would propel this nation to the front of the world’s stage as the leading authority in the production of this type of renewable energy, which will not only strengthen this nation’s national security, by creating new jobs in our three major identified industries; but in a multitude of supporting industries, while easing the energy price burden for all consumers. Finally but not least generating an abundance of wealth for JETE’S INC. And all involved investors.




Eisenhower Coleman (Owner)