Owners & Entrepreneurs: Eisenhower Coleman

Who are we?  We are entrepreneurs who believe we have formed several innovative and transformative Conceptual Modeling's ( CM's ) which content's address the major problems of three globally recognized industries; these industry's combined products and services  have  market demands reaching and representing billions of consumers daily worldwide, in the areas of Energy, Transportation and the Environment; the ( CM's ) will also provide explicit reccommendations and methods on how  to conduct the applied research required to determind if our theoretical observations are achievable and feasable enough to design products to be uniquely applied in each targeted industry.

   In the near future we will be introducing our ideas to these three industries representing multiple disciplines, the following is an introduction and outline of real basic concepts that have not been studied but perhaps through scientific development may result in real solutions to help free this nation from our fossil fuel dependency.

Through five years of researh and development JETES INC has found that

The United States as a nation may unknowingly have at hand, a line of existing fragmented technologies that encompasses several  internationally used disciplines. The United States also has the capability  to intergrate and incorporate their products and technologies in manners that will make possible to  produce products that will  strongly  support the creation of  our newly envisioned products that will be compatible with all existing power Grids and infrastructures to harvest the alternative energy resources we will be recommemending for conversion to produce and generate the predictable sustainable levels of clean, affordable  and on demand electricity; for grid and non-grid connected applications.












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